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Cooperation is the key!

The rules of Martha's Matrix were built around same ideals that make capitalism work for you. Therefore, what could be more important than cooperation? Cooperation creates a win/win situation for both the buyer and the seller. It would be impossible to have a successful economic structure without cooperation. So with cooperation in mind, let's take a look at some tips that will help make Martha's Matrix work for you.

Statistically only one person in 27 demonstrates any quantifiable leadership qualities. That means that those members joining at the top will need to be persistent in offering the opportunity to others. This is not a bad thing! No organization can succeed without leadership at the top. It just means that our initial members will have to offer the opportunity to lots of people to get to our required launch numbers. The matrix will attract the followers with the Explosion of Wealth and the subsequent success of our leaders.

We urge members to not waste time trying to convince others to join, just offer the opportunity and move on. Followers tend to be very negative about what they donít understand and it is counterproductive to have them involved in the beginning of anything. Members should plan to spend a minimum amount of time each day dedicated to notifying others of the opportunity. There are many ways to do this and the most successful members will probably use them all.

Marthaís Matrix is not a get rich scheme and successful participants will not view it in that way. It is not about selling stores! It is about creating a distribution network of much needed, high quality nutritional products. We conceived the Explosion of Wealth to give the network of stores the inertia to insure their ultimate success.

We will meet our membership goals before we launch! This could happen in a week, a month or it might take one year or more. How soon we launch depends upon how seriously members take their opportunity. We may have to spread across International Boundaries; leaders may be even fewer than we suspect. Whatever it takes, we are in it for the long haul.

How to recruit members

There are two methods for recruiting new members:

Method 1
  1. Send potential recruits to your store. Store links will be similar to this:
  2. Then copy and paste your store link into an email and send it to new recruits.
  3. Be sure to tell your new recruit to click on the signup link at the top of your store page and complete the short online signup form. It's that easy!
Method 2
  1. Send your new recruit a direct signup link similar to this:
  2. This method of signup is one step shorter because new recruits will bypass your member store.

Both methods should give you credit for recruiting a new member, provided that cookies are enabled on your new recruit's browser.

How to locate your store link

If you are already a member and do not have your store link handy, you can get it by logging in and clicking on the "Go to my member store" link. Then copy the link in your browser (your store link) and save it somewhere more accessible if you wish.




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