Sex and Andropause

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 Sex and Andropause
  • Loss of erection during sexual activity, or erections takes longer to occur.
  • He often requires direct physical stimulation to get an erection; a sexy sight or fantastic fantasy may not arouse him as it did before.
  • The full erection doesnít occur as it used to.
  • His urge to ejaculate is not as insistent as before. Sometimes he doesnít feel the need to have an orgasm at all.
  • The force of ejaculation isnít as strong as it once was. The amount of his ejaculate is less and may have fever sperm.
  • The desire for and frequency of masturbation may drop, but in some men may increase.
  • The testicles shrink some, and the scrotal sack doesnít bunch up as much during arousal.

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